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Oakley Building Co. is passionate about promoting our client's health, comfort, and quality of life by building custom, high-performance, energy conscious homes in which you can thrive.  We also enjoy large-scale remodels where we can work together to re-envision your current space.

While creating a beautiful space is always our goal, many qualified contractor can do that for you.  We recognize that your home is a system, a living, breathing organism that requires specialized knowledge in the latest building science practices to produce the healthiest, most comfortable and efficient space.  We prefer to start working with you as well as your architect/designer early on to value-engineer the project and assist in design and construction performance details.

We thrive on creativity and problem solving in order to bring your vision to life.  We look forward to building or transforming your home, together.

How we work:  We are a small team of a "hands-on" builder and a project manager.  We work together with a close-knit group of trade partners in order to deliver the best project possible.  Our size company allows us to be intimately involved in each project however can be limiting on the amount of work that we're able to take on in a given time period.  Typically this means we are "booked-out" for an extended time, however, when we're on your job we're able to devote the attention needed in the post-covid construction environment.

What we're good at:  Creativity, problem solving, working collaboratively with design teams and occasionally designing our own projects.  Exceptional attention to detail, quality, as well as providing custom furniture, fitted-furniture, built-ins.  Anything that is unique and makes us think outside of the box is an exciting prospect.

What we're not so good at: Small projects, like a bathroom.  That's not to say we wouldn’t do a small project, we certainly will!  However, the size of our company and the management structure only allows us to take on 2-3 jobs at a time.  A small project still takes a disproportionate amount of our management time - It starts to be a better value for our clients on larger projects.  We're not very good at investment projects - We care about the budget and timeline, however, we prefer to perform work that will stand the test of time, using best construction practices, even when it's behind a closed up wall - typically this work takes a little longer and cost a little more but we sleep well knowing our homes and remodels will last.


Adam Oakley, owner of Oakley Building Co. has 20 years of experience in the building industry.  He completed a B.S. from Appalachian State University in Building Science, is a military veteran and currently operates in Hickory, NC.

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